Getting Back to Life After the COVID-19 Pandemic with Technology as the Human Factor

At this time, the COVID-19 pandemic has locked down most of the world with close to 5.6 million confirmed cases and more than 350,000 deaths. This is devastating statistics by itself, and at the same time the entire world economy is heading toward a deep recession affecting most businesses and families.

We expected more of modern technology to help us navigate, maybe that will help us in the next pandemic, but currently there is a relevant self-reflection in Silicon Valley that COVID-19 has blown apart the innovation myth with a lack of ability to react and invent something relevant in this situation (MIT Technology Review).

So, what can we do to make things better? Cognitive technologies, such as machine learning, neural networks, robotic process automation, bots, neural nets, and the broader domain of AI, have the potential to transform the way we predict, react and interact with critical health and safety situations, like COVID-19.

First, we have to accept the fact that improving our realities starts with fully observing it, preventing undesired events like the effect of COVID-19 and improving experiences. Right now, that means providing AI tech innovation that can help open up the world again and get us safely back to work and school.

At Cognize, we’ve always believed technology could adapt real time to the changing environments we live in, creating safer and healthier spaces for all citizens. COVID-19 is a use case we have adapted to and built our technologies to navigate.

Cognitive solutions become the human factor to do more than one single mind and or an army of people can do. We believe in Artificial intelligence (AI) and Multi-sensor Technologies to solve big problems by converting analytical insights into cognitive pattern recognitions to enhance diagnosis, improve predictive interventions, and optimize productivity.

We have the ability to use advanced technologies from other areas like autonomous cars, convert and transform for critical health scenarios. We evolve from Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Cognitive Computing. Solving critical problems with humanlike thinking in ambient intelligence using the basis of machine learning to design and analyze unstructured data, video, images, voice, environment and human biometrics in patterns of behavior and context of situational awareness all the way to action.

We have adapted our platform to support two specific post COVID-19 situations that institutions and companies need to be compliant with when we all get back to life. It’s defined by CDC as the two main requirements: Social distancing and body temperature check.

The Cognize proprietary cognitive platform delivers situational awareness of people positions and crowding using AI and multi-sensors to detect when people are less than 6 feet apart or in groups of more than 10 people. Imagine a care system of multiple 24/7/365 autonomous sensors that can help monitor spaces in complex scenes and correlate information much more quickly and effectively than a human mind can.

By applying thermal sensors and biometrics to entry points it is now possible to monitor body temperature, with or without masks, and effectively report about situations that requires further health checks.

Thermographic Cameras devices makes heat detection possible at an accurate level ±0.5° C of temperature measurements. Using infrared sensors as heat scanners with camera systems, the presence of a virus won’t be confirmed, but it can detect whether the person is at risk. With a visioning system that includes a camera and display, it can reveal information and alert operators about potential risks that need to be assessed further.

Conclusion; the Cognize Cognitive Awareness Health Solution can radically improve safety, quality of care by notifying you of critical health situations and make it possible to take action. In the right setting, at the right time.

About Cognize

Cognize is a data science and health technology company that enables institutions and companies to better their health and safety situations and improve customer and patient experiences, using AI Cognitive technology and IoT to observe, predict and act on everything that happens in their environments. Join us for the Cognitive Awareness Revolution with Cognize and help us use the best of AI technologies to get safe beyond the COVID-19 pandemic

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