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Cognize enables companies and institutions to revolutionize their customer experience and increase topline growth and reduce costs. Cognize developed the first and only situational awareness platform that integrates multi-sensor fusion data with cognitive learning to give companies the critical context and recommendations to be more effective.

People Health and Safety
Automates critical health and safety situations to be compliant with CDC regulations and mitigate risk
Predicts crowds and rush times, identifies patterns, observes assets and optimizes flow
Staff Workflow
and Management
Providing you actionable insights to streamline processes, staff utilization, and risk management
We create value and mitigate risk

Making it possible to observe people, places, things and assets in context of behavioral patterns 

Proactively recommending actions to improve safety, customer experience and operations

Reducing risk by ensuring companies are compliant with State and Federal CDC Guidelines


We offer the most comprehensive solution that taps into the wonders of cognitive learning to help organizations orchestrate a safe and seamless return to the new reality. 

People Health and Safety

This Cognize solution provides companies with the ability to immediately and continuously detect critical health and safety situations out of CDC compliance guidelines.

Radically improves workplace safety and reduces liability
Supports compliance with COVID-19 guidelines
Government Compliance
Improves your customer experience with reduced wait times and fewer restrictions
Customer Betterment  
Eliminates the need for dedicated staff to manually administer or monitor crowds 
Work Force Efficiency
Easily expands to include our Customers Experience and Staff Workflow and management

How We Help Solve Your Challenges

Using human-like thinking and AI to observe, correlate, and present recommendations for real-time action - allowing companies to optimize performance and mitigate risk.

Complex Crowds & People
Buildings & ​Spaces
Situational Context
Meaningful Patterns 
Live Action ​

Our Interface

The fully integrated solution reduces the logistical complexity of observing and managing multiple areas. It presents recommendations for real-time action in a dashboard view and mobile alerts.

The Cognize user engagement and product integrations are fully embedded and user friendly for insights and action workflow support.

Response to critical health risk  situations

People Health & Safety

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